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Monday, March 26, 2012

Project Life 2012

The Mom Creative 
I'm linking up to  Jessica Turner's  
Project Life 2012. 
I'm just starting because I was a bit not motivated but after looking at blogs I finally got motivated. 
So I'm doing the digital version because it's so much easier. 
So enjoy.
Week 1 through Week 8





so here's my week 1 through 8. I'm only behind 4 weeks but i figured if i do one week a day then i will be caught up by this weekend. 

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

We celebrated Thanksgiving the day before "November 23rd" with my sister and her family, my mom, my nana, and Lily and Angelina so that we could have Angelina and Lily here with us.

Angelina with her Thanksgiving Outfit.

My baby and I.

My baby boy with his Thanksgiving Hat he made at School. PK4

I love this smile.

The Garza's

The Garza's with our mom.

The Cortinas Family with Angelina

Auntie Arlene with Angelina

Nana with her grand-daughter

My beautiful baby who was not in the mood to smile.

I will miss these little hands

Taking steps for Auntie.

Lily, Lola, Nana and Angelina.

Happy Thanksgiving from my family to yours.


Monday, August 22, 2011

Project Life: Week 33 (Aug.14th-Sun thru Aug.20-Sat)

Project Life
Week 33: Aug 14th thru Aug 20th

August 14th 
Micah you are so funny. Every time I pull out the camera and you hear the click you turn and smile. I try to get pictures of what you are doing but now you turn around and smile. You are so silly. love ya. 

August 15th
Micah you had a birthday this past weekend and you received cash and lots of gift cards. As I was leaving to take your sister to get tennis shoes for school, you insisted that you go with me. So i decided why not? I would surprise you and take you to Game Stop, boy were you excited.  You got 1 DS game and 1 Wii game. 

August 16th
Boy was this the scariest night for me. I know you will probably laugh but to me it was a big deal. As i came home from ballroom dancing lessons i was going to take a picture of Micah and my recently new lens started making a weird noise. My heart about dropped. If anyone knows me then you know that my camera is always attached to me. So i decided to change to my 300mm lens and my camera worked. So I felt a little better that it was not the camera but only the lens. Well I looked for my reciept and the date i bought my lens was 8/2/11 from Best Buy and the receipt said you can only return within 14 days. Well guess what! That night was the 14th day and it was 9:36 p.m. and Best Buy was closed. Boy was my stomaching hurting. I immediately got on Amazon and bought another lens 18-55mm but of course that would not get to me on time for my kids starting school Thursday. I asked my AWESOME HUBBY if he could go during lunch to see if they would return it or exchange for another lens. I knew if i went that i would probably go postal on them if they wouldn't return it. My hubby goes and like nothing they return it and check to see if they have another one and they only had 1 left. WOW! I was super excited when he called to tell me the news. So as you can see, my camera is very special to me. I love to take pictures of my kids every day. I love it. 

August 17th 
The night before the first day of school. I go by the rooms to take a picture of the kids asleep and i find Hannah and Dylan asleep but little MICAH was not. I got him playing his DS. He is something else. 

August 18th
First Day of School for the Cortinas family. 

August 19th
Another picture of my kids before school and since the 1st day did not go good for Micah, i got a picture of him and his teacher today. He actually ran up to her and gave her a hug. awww.

 August 20th
My beautiful daughter Hannah. Every since her cousin Lexi curled her hair she has been requesting that her hair be curled. So Saturday was a girls day. i curled her hair, painted her toe nails and hands. She was super excited. You look beautiful Hannie. 

This was our week. 


Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Big Day!

Tonight is the night before school.
Tomorrow is the big day for my kids. 
Micah will be in Pre-k.
Hannah will be in 1st grade.
Dylan will be in 5th grade.

I remember when they were first born and now my last child will begin school with his siblings. 
I went in tonight to check on them and Hannah was still awake. I told her go to sleep. So this is her faking it.

I went in to find Dylan asleep. Boy is he getting big. I miss him small.

Now I turned around to find my little one "Micah" playing his Nintendo DS under the covers. He did not want to give up his DS. He told us he did not want to go to school and that tomorrow he was not going to stay. So we shall see tomorrow.

I cant believe how big they are growing up. I count my blessings every day. I love my kids and Pray that they have a great day tomorrow. 

Here are my little ones clothes, all ready for the 1st day of school. Dylan ironed his own clothes tonight and put them in his room. 

Have a great day tomorrow my babies.

Love, Mom